How gambling distorts reality and hold your brain?

To state gambling, it’s a game of chance which calls up fun, random luck any collective things. These playful things attract the people in a way that people are so fascinated towards it and start playing these games on a daily basis. When we meet these kinds of peoples the most common answer are they play for their pleasure, thrill and of course money.

While these are the major reason why most people are into gambling but nowadays this betting stuff is not for their enjoyment slow and steadily it is getting into their brain and holding a position where it is becoming a compulsion in their life.

Uncertainty as its own reward in the brain

Uncertainty plays a crucial role in gambling attraction whether it is positive or negative. As it’s a game somebody wins and someone has to lose. People who lose have some effect on their brain which has its own impact on their life.

Now let’s discuss a major thing

DOPAMINE: according to research the neurotransmitter which releases during some enjoyable activities like eating, drugs and it is also released when the reward is uncertain. Studies have shown that the release during gambling occurs in brain areas similar to those when people are into drug abuse.

Feeling like a winner while you’re losing

Since games are designed in a way that people have the advantage to have fun and a way to fund their account in a way they want to as everyone can’t win the particular game someone has to lose. People are so into this game that they can’t accept their defeat and start playing this game not as their fun part of life but as a compulsion.

Now the managers of the casinos have established some new slot machines from the store of these machines whose link is here you can go and check out The establishment of these new slot machines has also increased the number of people in gambling and started playing in a huge amount.

Gambling and its games

When you are into gambling you are not only playing with the bets also with an opponent. Slowly people are so into this betting that slowly it becomes an addiction that doesn’t involve consumption such as drugs.

This gambling also affects the health of people who face many problems like anxiety and a greater risk of suicide. the fear of defeat is so powerful that can make or destroys the life of people depends on them how they take if they take it is a positive thing they will try to play well so that they can win but if they take is a negative thing in their life they face many problems like health issue such as anxiety and also they loses their confidence.


To sum up, all these things people have their own interest in the particular game but it’s should just have like fun but not for the addiction type of thing because it can hold up your in a way that can harm your health which is a risk.

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